Anja Schneider - Mole

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  • The clear highlight of Steve Bug’s Fabric mix—and producer Anja Schneider’s discography—was ‘Belize’, its spiky tones puncturing the set like a booby trap. Topping that was going to be a formidable task, and while follow-up ‘Mole’ is a lesser work, it’s still a respectable effort from the Mobilee captain. Those enthralling bleeps may be gone, but the backdrop largely remains: ‘Mole’ too seems to float on some sort of champagne pleasure craft, but here they’re playing ska, the up-down pogo more pronounced. The Caribbean influences continue with cowbells, congas and ratchets augmenting the—typically tight—drums, with the main riff, a warped strip of dying tape, sweeping in and out at sporadic moments. These traces however are slight, and ‘Mole’ remains first and foremost German minimal, and ought to satisfy familiar customers if not inspire new ones. Pan Pot’s version is, like much of their output, a straight-shooting Villalobosian swinger, a tool in comparison to Schneider’s song. From the original they ignore all but the pulse, trading the tribal clutter for synthetics, with shakers made from steam-jets and a descending micro-melody of sorts, all sparingly employed. This too is good without being great, but the different approaches to source material, whilst remaining recognisably Mobilee, make this a decent proposition.
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      A.01 Mole B.01 Mole (Pan-Pot Remix)