Sven Weisemann - Kiss of Abana

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  • Sven Weisemann and Mojuba were made to go together. The signature sound of both is deep, sensual ambience, a take on dance music that is sophisticated enough for home listening and yet propulsive enough for the dancefloor. Weisemann’s music in particular has always had its seductive side, and the two tracks here are all about such moments. Each takes a different angle. ‘Kiss of Abana’ is the more predatory track, creating a sense of danger and heat through fast dubby synths and well-defined percussion. Add to all of this drama Weisemann’s signature crisp and intricate production skills—the bass drops here are simply spell binding—and you’ve got a deep house track worth spinning over and over. Pure wantonness. On the flipside, ‘Amity’ is built from similar samples, but the underlying emotion is completely different. The slow build and light melody give it an air of bliss and afterglow, and now the synths don’t sound menacing so much as comforting. Less techno and more house than ‘Kiss of Abana’, and epic in length, it’s more a long, slow come on than speed seduction. All in all, plenty of rhythmicity and ambience to lighten up the dancefloor. No surprises then for either Sven or Mojuba, but this certainly won’t disappoint. Those who can’t get enough should also look for another new Weisemann’ single on Spain’s House Café Music label.
  • Tracklist
      01 Kiss of Abana 02 Amity