TRG & Dub U - Losing Marbles

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  • Romania's TRG and San Jose's Dub U come together for a collaboration on Hotflush. This is their first release together, but word has it that a second release on Tempa is not too far in following. Those expecting a mutant 2-step workout in the normal TRG style will certainly have their expectations confounded, if hopefully not disappointed by the excellent A side. This isn't losing marbles as much as rolling them: loose, billowing forms stretch out across the seven minutes in an incredibly dense and detailed journey. Fans of the recent dub techno resurgence will find this full of interest – it's like a micro texture obsessed Rod Modell with a tad more rhythmic imperative, and it is thoroughly great. The normally stellar 2562 swings in for a remix on the B, but fails to add much to the track apart from some more robust drums. A great debut release then from a duo with a promising future, and a 12" well suited for when DJs want to give the night a meditational moment. A lacklustre remix is the only thing stopping this package from scoring higher marks.
  • Tracklist
      A Losing Marbles (original mix) B Losing Marbles (2562 remix)