Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Le Crew Normand EP

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  • The last time that Guillaume Coutu Dumont appeared on the Karat label was with Julien Roy as Egg back in 2005. Now that he's become a prolific and lauded producer in his own right, they've snapped him back up to deliver a solo twelve. ''The Flying Dutchman' is based around a repeated vocal loop and bumpin' housey percussion, and even though the track clocks in at over ten minutes, Guillaume's rhythmic and melodic flourishes make sure that the vibe never gets stale. It's one of his more uplifting tracks, and it possesses a relentless groove that should work well on both house and techno floors. The tracks on the flipside are a little less peaktime, but are still very playable. Things get a little more jazzy and complex on 'Da Drum', where Guillaume throws some steel drums, some light keys, and a rhythmic guitar line into the mix. The mood gets elevated into a summery carnival style once the parping horns emerge, accompanied by the reprise of the steel drum line, and it's sure to get some play during afternoon sets over the coming months by DJs that are trying to lock in to a tropical vibe. 'The Whole Shebang' is much more low key than the other two efforts, as organic polyrhythms intertwine over a bouncing bassline and vocal loop. Listen carefully and you can even make out a subdued harmonica line appear halfway through, before the stabbing keys reappear to reinforce the groove. DJs who found his Les Petit Djinns 12-inch a little jazzy for their liking will be sure to enjoy this one a lot more – if you've been searching for a record to inject a bit of sunshine into your dancefloor, look no further.
  • Tracklist
      A The Flying Dutchman B1 Da Drum B2 The Whole Shebang