Raw As Fuck - Punks/Demon Beats

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  • Raw As Fuck is Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey's new project for Krafty Kuts' Against The Grain records. If you haven't heard of these guys before, does the name The Freestyler's ring a bell? Yep it's the same two dudes and they've just come out with a f**kin corker of a vinyl that's sure to rock any dancefloor and they aren't being subtle about it at all... these guys are Raw As Fuck. Side A. Punks Punks has a bass line that is so familiar the original track just seems to escape the tip of my tongue and is a really tough, hard arsed breaks tune. Once that bass line kicks in, you can be sure everyone in the place will cheer their approval. Let the beats thump! Side B. Demon Beats There's no stopping these boys with the wicked tunes and this time it's a breakstep (breaks and 2-step) track with a bit of JB's sampled horns on the top. One for both the breaks crowd and also a 2-step crowd. I don't really see anything wrong with either track so it gets a full score. Nice!