Andomat 3000 - Cognitive Dissonance

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  • On his MySpace page, Andomat 3000 has recently been asking labels to stop requesting remixes and releases from him. Can't blame him, really. Andomat has been omnipresent in 2008 with three 12-inches and two remixes already to his credit. But while he takes a bit of a break, there's plenty to enjoy. Case in point: this 12-inch, which sees him going to the English slang dictionary for the track title to the A-side. 'Vertical Smile' is a bruising stomper in its early stages, but opens up to reveal a rubbery, melodic core—a perfect track to mix in and out of. The provenance of the title to 'Cicl ?' is a bit murkier, but the effect is the same. Andomat builds a base upon which two interlocking fragments of bass and melody roll around with one another effectively. It's lighter than 'Vertical Smile', but only by a slight degree. It will undoubtedly be a useful warm-up track. The brittle 'Hominid', unfortunately, doesn't complete the trifecta. A tired backbeat anchors the track, while underneath percussion clatters and buzzes away, flailing to keep interest alive. It even resorts to cutting out for a moment every so often, as if to jolt listeners into believing there's something interesting going on. There isn't, but elsewhere on this 12-inch, too much good stuff occurs to bother complaining much. And, to be honest, it's good to know that despite the 3000 moniker and insane release schedule, with 'Hominid', Andomat just might be human after all.
  • Tracklist
      A Vertical Smile B Cicl ? BB Hominid