Minilogue - Jamaica

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  • There seemed to be a lot more attention paid to Minilogue records at the time of their release last year than on year-end charts and the like. ‘Elephant’s Parade’ and ‘Inca’ both caught a lot of mention early in the year, but quickly seemed to fade from view. Maybe it was a change in fashion, or in tastes, or maybe other breakthrough artists who were more memorable stole their thunder, but whatever the cause, it’s good to have yet another slab of techno made with characteristic artifice from the Swedish duo. The A-side, ‘Jamaica’, is a deadly cut. Leaden bass and a bit of spare ambient noise are driven by a drum workout that starts well and only gets better. By about two thirds of the way in, at about the six minute mark, the drum work has taken on its own gravity, pulling the listener forward in an irresistibly physical way. Calling this one a toe-tapper is on the right track, but a thousand times an understatement. The B-Side ‘Hispaniola’ is altogether more peaceful. At the core of the track is a warm and pretty bass riff which lets a bit of house feeling shine through its windows. Both sides are an example of why the tinge of neo-trance that infects every Cocoon record these days is such a good thing—these tracks make you feel good without taking any pains to look cool about it. The collaboration between Minilogue and Cocoon is set to continue in the form of an album out next month. I hope it’s as good as this.
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      A - Jamaica B - Hispaniola