Pinch - Dr Carlson/136 Trek

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  • After Peverelist's excellent recent single for Pinch's label, Pinch returns the favour and releases a 12-inch on Peverelist's label, Punch Drunk. '136 Trek' is likely to have draw comparisons to '138 Trek', DJ Zinc's drum and bass/garage crossover record from 2000, a cut that more or less kicked off breakstep. Except it's not drum n bass that Pinch is melding with garage here--it's techno. A 4/4 kick underpins the track's sub and atmospherics, and there are other signposts too of the track's techno lineage, but somehow I can only call this a track, not a song. It lacks the emotional punch that tunes of this deep nature need, and that Pinch is well capable of producing. 'Dr Carlson' on the other side is much closer to a standard club cut: precise drums are thrown all over the place as the bass stares you down and the instrumentation convinces you of dread. It's a much more solid affair than the flip, and it makes you wish that Pinch had pulled something this good out of the bag for '136 Trek', a track which could have taken dubstep to new and interesting places.
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      A Dr Carlson AA 136 Trek