dOP - The Lighthouse

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  • Hotly-tipped French group dOP have an uncanny ability to make experimental music danceable. Like fellow pranksters Nôze (with whom they sometimes collaborate), dOP’s trick is to combine kitschy fun and an off-kilter pop sensibility with minimal beats. The title track on their fourth EP features a flute, frequent exhortations to "bang together", and, like much of their work, sounds which are programmed in such a way that they seem to be live, and only just held together by the will of the participants. Also like much of their work, it's as much a thrilling piece of pop music as it is danceable. (It is telling that Orac even included a "radio mix" in its promo mailout.) dOP clearly have an avant-grade side as well, which comes to the fore on the B-side. The decaying bells, undulating bass and deeper kick on 'Merci' might sound great at home, but I have my doubts about its floor potential. It's a very good track, but one that's most likely fit for off-peak only. 'Under the Rain', meanwhile, is a 90-second sound collage, which should be ignored at all costs—unless you're looking to get people to leave your club immediately. Strictly for home listening. Overall, though, another excellent work from this trio of Frenchmen. With a promised album later in 2008, this is a group to keep an eye on.
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      A Lighthouse B1 Merci B2 Under The Rain