Jay Haze - Ass to Mouth

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  • The B-side of this record is a new Tuning Spork collaboration between Jay Haze and Ricardo Villalobos, while Haze has some cheeky fun going it alone on the A. ‘Ass To Mouth’ is a jacking house track dressed up with a bit of beatboxing. With wolf-like howls and a suitably sleazy vocal, in the end it is clear that this track is meant to sound as pornographic as its name. The inclusion of the beatbox, which is Haze’s own, and a few other elements as an acapella on the record is also a thoughtful touch. One of the more distinctive tools around at the moment, it certainly seems like it would lend itself easily to creative use. ‘Ass to Mouth’ is indelicate, certainly, but still exudes a certain undeniable charm and appeal. ‘Free Ride’ on the flip is more familiar territory, skewing closer to techno and encapsulating a sound not a million miles away from Villalobos and Haze’s previous Free Your Mind 12-inch, but this time bearing more fruitful results. The track is a smooth-flowing, intricate and engrossing excursion that ebbs and flows without ending up anywhere that different from where it started, but it still satisfies in the end, mostly due to the magnetism of the fantastic central riff. ‘Free Ride’ doesn’t get past the point of being a groove, but it’s a good one.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ass To Mouth A2 Ass To Mouth (A Capella) B2 Free Ride (Ricardo and Jay)