Italoboyz - Zinga

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  • Now it's for real. After the enormous success of 'Viktor Casanova', it seems the Italoboyz are ready for the big league. Get Physical snapped them up for this, their sixth single, and like its predecessor, it's a stormer. "Classic violin played by Filippo Rollando" reads the label and is it ever. 'Zinga' is defined by the sawing, screeching and stridency of Rollando, who both anchors and annihilates the track. Rollando's three-note lick wraps itself around the ‘Boyz unadorned kick/cymbal percussion and tick-tock bassline to create a simple groove, which is later adorned with long, meandering violin lines, half-finished blurps that become an integral part of the final product. You can imagine Rollando in the studio telling the Italoboyz, "No, no, no, I can play that better. Let me try again,” and the ‘Boyz lying to him, claiming they'd run out of storage space on their hard drive. Like 'Viktor Casnova', 'Zinga' is ridiculous and brilliant at the same time. On the flip, the DRAMAdub is indeed more dramatic. Strings pile up on top of another, unsure where one line ends and where another begins, transforming massed melodies into echoed rhythms. You don't lose your mind listening to this one; it's already gone. The third track, ‘At De Stella', won't get played much considering the self-indulgent nature of its contents: it’s simply a man reciting a list of food items in Swedish (at least I think they’re food items) over a bleep house beat. Either way, it's the worst (albeit only) cross between a cookbook and house music I've ever heard. Ridiculous? Yes. Brilliant? No.
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      A1 Zinga B1 Zinga (DRAMAdub) B2 At De Stella