Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Remixes)

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  • As Underworld continue their evolution (not devolution, as the naysayers claim) from club dominators to ethereal movie soundtrack maestros, it is getting harder and harder for fans to find anthems in the vein of ‘Push Upstairs’ or ‘Born Slippy’ to clutch to their chests in private moments at home. Like previous single ‘Crocodile’, ‘Beautiful Burnout’ is one of the more danceable cuts on Oblivion With Bells, but it is still more slow-burning than hip-shaking. Both Tiefschwarz and Pig & Dan address the situation somewhat, amping up the stark desolation of the original with their remixes. Pig & Dan’s remix is suitably Cocoon-esque, looping vocal snippets and sparkling bleepy melodies to kick the track into high gear at around the midway point. It sounds exactly how you would imagine a P&D remix of Underworld would, but nonetheless it’s a decent big-room banger. Tiefschwarz’s effort is more subtle, replacing the bleakness of the original with funkiness. It’s still dark, but it's a more heated darkness, akin to a tropical night with congas and heavily delayed melodies intertwining with Hyde's vocals. A low-slung tech houser with a kicking bridge that should raise some hands. Both remixes utilize Underworld production touches: Lush padwork and the looping hypnotic vocal style of ‘Cowgirl’. It's a nice amalgamation of remixer and producer, and both units are fairly represented in the end.
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      A1 Beautiful Burnout (Pig & Dan Remix) B1 Beautiful Burnout (Tiefschwarz Remix)