Solomun - Deadman

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  • What's in the water over in Hamburg? For nearly a decade now, the Dial label has been crafting deeply emotional house music and, over the past two years, the Diynamic label has emerged as one of the most interesting up-and-coming imprints around. Plenty of the credit for Diynamic's rise, of course, goes to Mladen Solomun, whose Feuer & Eis collaboration with Stimming last year propelled the label to prominence. But while Solomun has been involved in the majority of Diynamic's releases thus far, he's never been one to shy away from lending his talents to other labels. After stellar work for liebe*detail, Sonar Kollektiv and Dessous, the Deadman EP marks his first entry into the Four:Twenty catalogue. Like everything he's done of late, it's a keeper. 'Deadman' is a straight-up anthem, wrapping its hypnotic strings over a house bounce. A riff, first taken up by a synth, is soon repeated by the strings, giving the whole thing enough weight to validate its deep house status. A peak-time stormer. 'Beauty and the Beast' mines Solomun's Croatian heritage for its vocal in much the same way that Stefan Goldmann did for Bulgaria on last year's 'Lunatic Fringe'. This time, though, the focus isn't on avant theatrics; instead the chorus slots neatly into a conga-led groove. It's a bit slower than most, but speed it up a bit and you've got yourself another anthem. If 2007 was the year that Solomun arrived, 2008 is already looking like a lot like the year he becomes a star.
  • Tracklist
      A Deadman B1 Beauty & The Beast (Vocal) B2 Beauty & The Beast (Dub)