Schneider, Galluzzi, Schirmacher - Albertino And Nora P

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  • Guido Schneider always sounds a little restless. Dude can’t help but make his hooks tiny and anxious—the kind that only become darker and eerier with each jitter. And as much as we like to call hooks the worst names under the sun—addictive, infectious, killer, etc—Schneider makes these warnings sound a little warranted. That fact makes Schneider's collaboration on ‘Albertino’ surprising—this is a track that’d never be called dark or eerie. Instead, ‘Albertino’ provided a lush opening to Luciano’s sets this fall with spinning, delay and sighing drums and a demur hook to center the mass. Paired with Berghain resident André Galluzzi for the first time in a couple of years, Schneider steadied his trademark jitters to make ‘Albertino’ both teasing and inviting. Sure, it has a very Guido-esque nerve-wracking bassline, but the rest of the track is the perfect pull-back to slingshot into a set. For B-side ‘Nora P,’ Schneider returns to the underbelly with his Glowing Glisses partner Florian Schirmacher for a minimal track which wallows around in a familiar, ominous and ever so slightly clichéd landscape—all flickering minor keys with an acid bath of percussion. As much as ‘Nora P’ might prickle with dark textures, it doesn’t haunt as much as it should. Best to stick with the A-side.
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      A Albertino B Nora P