Plasmik - Interswap - The Remixes (Volume Two)

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  • Plasmik made quite a splash last year with Interswap, their debut 12-inch on Connaisseur. Even before May when the record finally saw a release, Steve Bug was busy caning 'Pitch It' and Martin Eyerer used 'Mindpattern' to help close out his side of the two-disc Movement mix. Thus, it's not hard to see why Connaisseur would want to keep the tracks in listener's minds by releasing a two-part remix package featuring reworks from Afrilounge, Matt O'Brien, Claude Von Stroke and Minz. Luckily, nearly all of them are excellent. The keeper of the bunch, however, is undoubtedly Von Stroke's take on 'Pitch It', which somehow brings together Connaisseur's moody style with a flash of Dirtybird humor. You can get a pretty good sense of how Von Stroke actually constructed the track here, but it does little to explain how strange the track initially sounds coming from a guy whose latest album features a cop getting held up by an enormous blue bird. Von Stroke's restraint over the grooving rhythm only goes so far before he breaks it all down and gets a little jazzy, but that this melds perfectly with the prevailing Detroit techno gloom is a miracle—and what makes the cut such a success. On the A-side, Minz takes inspiration from the original 12-inch's art, entitling his version of 'Supertubos' the "Life Comes In Waves Rework". Perfect for opening sets and mixes, the track meanders for three minutes, building its mood out of glissandi strings and raindrops before launching its bassline and beefing up its groove. Before you know it, the track has enough elements in it (including a brand new riff) to launch properly into something that stands alongside nearly anything on Connaisseur's roster before the opening theme washes ashore to close the whole thing out. Minz's take lacks the strangeness that accompanies hearing 'Supertubos' for the first time—no classical guitar-led second half here—but he makes the track his own. I wouldn't be surprised to hear it lead off an RA podcast very soon.
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      A Pitch It (Claude Vonstroke Rmx) B Supertubos (Minz' Life Comes In Waves Rework)