Reboot - Be Tougher / Letters

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  • Frankfurt is brimming with good new producers and labels at the moment, and Reboot (Frank Heinrich) is one of them. Of course, he's been producing under different aliases since 1992, but as Reboot his career is just a year or two old. After a track and a remix for Below, an old label with some excellent recent releases, he now makes a high profile debut on Cadenza. Cadenza are on a seemingly endless streak of great releases right now, and thankfully Reboot's single doesn't end it. ‘Be Tougher’ is a deep and ominous electrical storm, with thunderous ripples of static tearing through the track during two intense breakdowns. ‘Letters From Lucy’ meanwhile evokes Petre Inspirescu's ‘De Bou’ with its hinted melodies and jazzy swing. Both are an experimental brand of house music that Cadenza have fostered with care over the last year or so, both are 00s house music at its most psychedelic. The only question to ask here is why Luciano's label sounds so different to the music in his record bag? Even if Cadenza in 2008 is a warmer brand of European minimal house than you'd have heard in the label's past, it's still radically different from the Moodymann, Scott Grooves and co that he’s been spinning. Perhaps it's a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, but with releases like this, there's no need to complain too loudly.
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      A Be Tougher B Letter