Kiki – Dancing Graffiti

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  • There are two good tricks used here. The first is the one where the riffs seem to slow down or speed up over the beat, as if someone was playing with the turntable. The second is waiting until four minutes in to drop a satisfyingly meaty bassline into the track. Add these two twists to a solid track based on snappy hi-hats and tense, trebly riffs and you’ve got very bankable dancefloor material with a nice trippy edge. It lacks a bit of the physicality of some of Kiki’s best work making it more the sort of thing that you want to dance to as opposed to have to dance to, but could be fantastic in home listening mixes. Zander VT’s mix is a lot more conventional in structure, as they reduce the track down to a two-bar groove and then just vary it subtly throughout (with no tricks). However it’s quite a bit funkier and more immediate than the original with a powerful Von Stroke-esque bassline driving the track. The problem is that once they've grabbed your attention with the groove they don't do enough to hold it there and despite some nice dramatic effects the motion of the track is quite repetitive. Still, this could be great in small chunks. Overall, a solid release, but probably not quite as good as either of the artists involved are capable of.
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      A Dancing Graffiti B Dancing Graffiti (Zander VT Remix)