The Black Dog - Floods

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  • I like drums. I really like drums. The original of ‘Floods V3’ has amazing drums. Not always the most danceable drums, but the kind that skitter across your brain like spit on a frying pan. The kind of drums that you want to dance to even if your body might not be able to manage. This is the kind of track that if you made up one movement to go with each sound, you’d end up dancing like one of those cut-up Lasse Gjertsen videos on YouYube. Bass Soldier turns in, unsurprisingly, a very bass-heavy version. He keeps the essence of the looseness of the drum tracks, but expresses it in a more straightforward drum and bass fashion that could potentially drive people wild if dropped at the right time in a techno set. Surgeon’s remix, I must admit to finding somewhat baffling. It uses a lot of the same sounds but twists them into a very direct and very very industrial sounding groove. It puts me in mind of early 90s Nitzer Ebb with its lurching awkward rhythm and harsh sounds. Full marks for uniqueness but I can’t help feeling it’s a shame to take the complex, funky and engaging rhythms of the original and reduce them to this.
  • Tracklist
      A Floods V3 B1 Floods V3.2 (Surgeon Remix) B2 Floods V3.1 (The Bass Soldier Remake)