Toby Tobias - Nervoso EP

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  • It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that the stuttering melody that rolls across 'Breakdown' is, in fact, part of a breakdown. In fact, I'm pretty sure the entire track is one long breakdown—especially if you don't count the moment where the melody drops out and all that remains is the steadiest beat that Tobias can muster. I mean, breakdowns can have breakdowns too, right? Anyway, it's kinda funny I guess that the conceptual game of 'Breakdown' might just be the dance-iest thing here. 'Eleven' sounds more like Quiet Village's mix of Tobias' most recent Rekids offering, 'Dave's Sex Bits,' pulling you on the dancefloor for a warm-up midtempo jaunt. 'Latenightmoves,' meanwhile, is a wonkier, less successful 'A Close Shave'. Its hand drums, piano and distorted propulsion work together, just not all that well. Luckily, 'Schweet' lives up to its name and gives us a cool-down period from the jittery funk. As on 'Eleven', Tobias showcases a knack for billowing synths that float across the stereo spectrum. As anyone familiar with Tobias' work for Rekids thus far is aware, he's not the man to tear the dancefloor apart. So take Nervoso in the manner you might a new Thomas Fehlmann release. There are elements here that could work during a mid-tempo set, and 'Schweet' could easily close one out, but in the end you might just be better off listening to these before you go out altogether.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Breakdown A2 Eleven B1 Latenightmoves B2 Schweet