Mugwump - Boutade

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  • The second release on Ewan Pearson and Sasse Lindblad's Misericord label comes courtesy of Belgium's Mugwump, represented here by the duo of Geoffroy Dewandeler and Olivier Grégoire, aka Kolombo. (Spirit Catcher's Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet, co-founders of the project, have moved on.) Where earlier Mugwump releases for the likes of Moodmusic have reflected a lush, melodic electro-house sensibility, ‘Boutade’ is in keeping with Misericord's slow-disco aesthetic, clocking in at a churning 107BPM. With over two minutes of intro, they take their time digging in, but it's hardly wasted: fluttering violins, channeling the nervous energy of Philip Glass, cushion dramatic string vamps and methodical tympanis that stretch the tension to breaking point. The same simplicity rules the rest of the tune, which is built on a fat, jaunty bassline and a plucked lead ruffling its peacock feathers. Instead of development, Mugwump follow contours in the sound, focusing their energies on judicious filtering and the sneaky rearrangement of the song's principal themes. The B-side is a similarly-paced edit by Pearson, Sasse and Naughty that zeroes in on ‘Boutade’s moments of peak intensity and draws them out in a glorious smear of filters and filigree with cowbell-heavy Latin percussion and lazy handclaps chunking up the rhythm nicely. It's the perfect, starry-eyed complement to Mugwump's languid ecstasy.
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      A Mugwump - Boutade B Mugwump - Boutade (Ewan Pearson, Sasse & Naughty Remix)