Matthias Tanzmann - Rugby

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  • Matthias Tanzmann has a good little thing going over there at Moon Harbour. The label has managed to appease both minimal and house fans by carving out its own take on tribal influenced percussion and heavy rolling funkiness (Marlow & Dehlia’s ‘Movin’ is a personal fave). ‘Rugby’ is the first single off Tanzmann’s forthcoming debut album, with remix duties falling here to another Mathias (hold the extra t). If it were just a rollicking cheeky strut of rhythmic mayhem, with a stomping four to the floor bassline and wave after wave of rolling bouncy percussion, it would still be a great little tune, but it’s the introduction of the live saxophone that firmly puts it over the top. The sax is warm, lush and brimming with positivity, and carries the track through. Try tearing yourself away from the dancefloor—this is truly one of those tracks that forces you to keep on moving. The No Tom Edit has a much more of a housey feel, complete with the occasional archetypal “yeah” thrown in. Ironically (well not really I guess) this version is centred around the rhythmic pattern of tom toms. The intensity of the A-side is replaced by a more chilled steady pace. Decent enough, but won’t stand out above the crowd. All and all another fine Moon Harbour release, and a good little teaser for the full length to come.
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      A1 Rugby (Mathias Kaden's Penalty Kick Remix) B1 Rugby (No Tom Edit)