Dettmann & Klock - Scenario

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  • The Berghain in Berlin represents the hardest edge of minimal, with a dancefloor that focuses on darker and heavier sounds. So you know what to expect when Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock, two of the venue's residents, get together to make a record. You won’t be disappointed. There is, however, much more to listen to here than just a big kick drum. If we're calling this minimal, then minimalism here equals modulation. What sounds like a trombone at the start of 'Renumber' is carefully blown until it blossoms into dubby whooshes. 'Scenario' boasts running percussion that ebbs and flows until phased, fuzzy melodies emerge. 'Dawning', a track from their first 12" together, is dubbed up and extended far into the night to great effect. This version focuses more upon the gentle figures of the synth, adding another layer of echo and then gradually introducing each element from the original. Also present is a rickety cowbell and a snarling bassline. This is a track that exemplifies the balance between harder dancefloor dynamics and softer touches that both producers have carried here from their solo work. Every track on this EP has perfect dancefloor potential, yet each is considered and imbued with enough feeling to make this more than palatable for home listening.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Blank Scenario A2 Renumber B1 Scenario C1 Places Like This D1 Dawning (Revisited)