Sven Tasnadi/Brauns & Nurnberg – A Run into Flowers/Delicious

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  • ‘A Run into Flowers’ is like being beaten to death with a fun stick. There’s something caveman-like about its simplicity, but also something irresistibly joyous and unashamedly housey that makes it a bit of a classic for this already classic label. There’s a sound like knocking on wood on every other beat and it hammers the track into your consciousness like a flint axe into a tree. Tasnadi doesn’t relent with the pounding either: He goes on to add a Latin tinged, three-note riff and proceeds to batter your ears relentlessly with it throughout the entire track. The riff is quite reminiscent of mid-90s handbag house (the next trendy revival?) but with a deeper, synthier edge to it that lifts it out of the realm of cheese. ‘Delicious’ is far more tasteful – the crudités to Tasnadi’s chocolate fondue. Muted chords and a chugging bassline make it solidly on-trend for 2007, but somewhat bland. I know which of the two tracks would win in a fight�
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      A Sven Tasnadi - A Run Into Flowers B Brauns & Nurnberg - Delicious