Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Tales EP

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  • It's been a tough year for the Traum family. As a group of imprints that prides itself on the discovery of new talent, there are understandable dips in quality. But aside from a Dominik Eulberg edits album, Lucio 'Magic M' Aquilina's 'Feeling Plastik,' a James Holden soundalike, and a ridiculous Nôze track from all the way back in January...well, it's had better 12-month periods. If we start counting from November 1, 2007, though, we may just be back on an upward swing. Sennh, that aforementioned Holdenalike, holds tons of promise and Red Robin and Jakob Hilden, a duo whose debut single for the Trapez Ltd. imprint was distinctly forgettable, seem to be finally hitting their stride on their second effort. The two couldn't be more different. While Sennh is a new Dutch producer on the scene full of naïve emotion, Robin and Hilden are tech-loving Berlin staples. Robin is the resident DJ at Bar 25, Hilden has been making the rounds with Franziskus Sell as Format: B for a couple of years now. On the Tales EP, the duo showcases two sides of the tech spectrum. For the car commercial audience, they present 'Lazy Jack,' which features a hook eerily reminiscent of 'Geht's Noch?' and 'Heater' genetically spliced together. For the "discerning" customer, there's 'Tin Soldier,' a track given life by what sounds like a koto riff. Both are bouncy, upbeat tracks and both succeed for that very reason. When in doubt, Trapezians, pump up the BPMs.
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      A Lazy Jack B Tin Soldier