Paul Brtschitsch - Hook Up

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  • The man whose name gives consonants a new lease of life comes up with another classy release, this time on Mobilee sub-label Leena. If Brtschitsch isn't very familiar to you, then he should be. He has been releasing quality underground techno for the last ten years or so, a lot of it in collaboration with André Galluzzi on their Taksi imprint. Recently, he’s also been collaborating with Anja Schneider, thus the Mobilee connection. Reggae is in the bones of 'Hook Up.' It's one of the dubbiest house tracks I've heard for a while, reminding me of some of Californian tech-house's golden moments from a few years back – it wouldn’t sound out of place on a label like Grayhound or Siesta. But is the spoken word sample saying "I hook up" or "I am come"? I don't suppose it really matters. The important thing is that this is a competently put-together cut, which shows Brtschitsch has a keen eye for detail. 'Rotate 1976' is a taut gallop that relies on a staccato rhythm underpinned by a sub-bass, drifting chords and a ghostly piano above which floats a fragile melody. It's a largely muted affair that serves to highlight an interesting variety of sound effects, but it’s more than the sum of its parts, and like 'Hook Up', makes good use of the ether. Both tracks are lengthy, but not overlong, and versatile, standing out on their own as well as being great in the mix. Both rise and fall at all the right moments. On the evidence of this release, and the previous one by Catz 'N Dogz, Leena is starting to build up a head of steam.
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      A Hook Up B Rotate 1976