Marc Romboy vs Gui Boratto - Eurasia

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  • Whenever a Romboy collaboration is afoot at Systematic, the ‘vs’ abbreviation always seems to slot itself in between the producer’s names. The ampersand is swept aside, as if to set the stage for a battle of epic proportions. Well, in that case…in the red corner, hailing all the way from Sao Paolo, Brazil, making his Systematic Recordings debut, get ready for Gui “The Hurricane” Borrrratttto! Well, you get the idea. But this time, the ‘versus’ format is more justified than ever, with each producer taking a side and going to work on a remix. Boratto’s mix of ‘Eurasia’ leads in with simple percussion and strings wisping behind the drums before dropping into an easy to digest trance-y main section. The bassline is warm, and coupled with the strings and the ethereal vocals of Luciana Villanova (Boratto’s wife), the result has a very late 90’s Balearic feel to it. It’s a nice slice of dreamy house just like you’d expect from Gui. Romboy is also not one to stray too far from the sound he’s known for, and as you’d expect, his version is much darker and sinister. The backbone of the track, the dark, robotic bassline with a trippy, oscillating synth attached, is introduced early on and remains a constant throughout. The breakdown hisses and builds epically, but typically, slumps back down to where it began, and the outro is more of the same. This track really holds few surprises, but will find its way into the bags of DJs on a dark trance-y tech tip. This release is nothing too surprising, but a decent add to the collection.
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      A Eurasia - Marc's mix B Eurasia - Gui's mix - feat Luciana Villanova