John Digweed - Gridlock

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  • Electro is giving way to speeding neo-trance in the race for club supremacy, and yep, that means it’s time for another Digweed single. I mean think about it – every time progressive reaches towards a new sound, Mr. Bedrock seems to put out a single to punctuate the evolutionary change. When progressive trance was at its peak, Bedrock released 'Heaven Scent'. Later on, 'Santiago' coincided with the deeper spiral that progressive went into. As electro took hold, 'Warung Beach' hit the stands. And now as the torch has passed to this neo-trance/minimal/whatever, make way for Digweed’s latest, 'Gridlock'. Yet despite its trappings, 'Gridlock' is still a continuation of what came before. There’s a familiarity to its sound, harking back to what Bedrock was releasing ten years ago. On the epically proportioned Stereo Club Mix, rich synths flow warmly against a classic progressive house bassline reminiscent of 'Heaven Scent'. And while never really pushing the constraints of its framework, there’s enough depth and texture to keep it entertaining. The Stripped Down Mix on the flip is a tougher, darker take, with sci-fi bleeps and jagged, robotic effects replacing the orchestral layers of the Stereo Mix. It’s a more energetic mix, and it’s the one that will probably see the most club action. While this release probably won’t take clubland by storm, it tides Diggers over until the next genre comes along, and reinforces his studio partner Nick Muir’s reputation for excellence.
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      A Gridlock (Digweed And Muir's Stereo Club Mix) B Gridlock (Digweed And Muir's Stripped Down Mix)