Metro Area - Metro Area 7

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  • Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani continue to tease. This, their first twelve inch in more than two years, is yet another reason to hope that another full-length is just around the corner. Considering Metro Area 7 was announced nearly five months ago, however... Despite the maddening length of time between releases, each Metro Area slab is a treasure of sound design. The synths on 'Read My Mind' are juicy, the drums punchy, Philip Owusu's vocals warm and inviting. 'Read My Mind' is the first time that the duo has released a track with vocals and they could have hardly picked better: Owusu is vague enough lyrically that he doesn't distract and honeyed enough that he goes down easy. (It's followed up by a special dub for those DJs looking to ease into the Metro Area featuring... experience.) On the flip, Geist and Jesrani go cosmic with the arpeggiators set to stun and the groove maximized for disco demolition. Again, it's a sterling combination of excellent sound design and attention to songwriting. And there's even a few jungle mating calls thrown in for good measure. As always with Metro Area, the wait is half the fun.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Read My Mind A2 RMM Special Dub B1 Erodyne