Holy Ghost! - Hold On

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  • Any business school guy'll tell you: it's all about the networking. Making connections with the right people – at the right time – positions you for success. Take Holy Ghost! The duo, Nicholas Millhiser and Alexander Frankel, were part of the shit-hot-for-a-minute hip-hop sextet Automato. But once the group flamed out, it stands to reason that Millhiser and Frankel casually mentioned to Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy of DFA, who produced Automato's debut, that they had these analog synths just sitting in their apartments, waiting to be dusted off. That's probably not at all how it went, of course. But there is a point: networking can only get you so far. After that, talent has to come into play. And that's exactly what Millhiser and Frankel bring to their debut single with the label. 'Hold On' is one of the dirtiest little Italo tunes you're likely to hear this year. There's little space travel: the boys are focused on the here and now. "Why do the good things happen in the past / Streamline the news and trim the fat / I love the city but I hate my job / And this old city loves me back." Luckily, French disco purveyor Blackjoy is here to sand down the buzzing analog groove, adding curlicues of funk guitar and strings that'll have you wondering whether you just stepped back into the '70s. (Even more so when the echo gets turned on in the second-half and things get a bit cosmic.) It's a smooth ride – one that can't help but remind this listener a little bit of the poppier moments from Juan Maclean.
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      A1 Hold On A2 Hold On (Instrumental) B Hold On (Blackjoy Mazego Groove)