Jamie Jones - Still Here EP

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  • Already responsible for Freak n' Chic’s top-selling single in the shape of the ubiquitous 'Amazon' and having recently released the second, deep-house tinged 'Get Lost' mix compilation on Crosstown Rebels, perennial flavour of the month Jamie Jones shows with this EP that his success up to now hasn't been a fluke. The ‘Still Here’ EP both straddles on the right side of cheese, and delivers the kind of tonic to the dancefloor that most producers would kill to make. Like Pan-Pot’s 'Charly', the EP is another example of the current thirst for vocals, and like 'Charly' it's not the type of track you'll be hearing being covered at a karaoke party anytime soon – this one is a drug story, too. The vocal dominates 'Should Have Gone Home' and the backing track is simple, bleeping along in the background to a handclap and a muffled heartbeat. It’s not too dissimilar to Jones' last single release on Crosstown Rebels, differing slightly in pitch but retaining the same basic elements. 'Can't Believe I'm Still Here' is a more serious affair, using warped acid sequences that send the listener into a downward spiral of uncertainty. The narrative continues on from side A, but the flip was a walk in the park compared to this. The protagonist eventually loses control, railing against the "motherfuckers (who) left me, like, five hours ago" after having taken "some shit I hadn't taken before" before triumphantly declaring "but there's no way I'm going home." Both tunes are two sides of the same (dark) coin, and both are eminently playable, with the second being my personal favourite because it reminds me of Bam Bam's 'Where's Your Child?', a track that set the standards for vocal darkness, and one that has yet to be bettered. Every so often a track comes along and does exactly what is required of it. We're spoilt for choice here as both sides are exemplary examples of generic dancefloor mayhem. A simple but powerful release from Jamie Jones.
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      A Should Have Gone Home B Can't Believe I'm Still Here