Cassy - Nil Desperandum

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  • Nil Desperandum translates as "never despair." It's a curious title for a 12" that's so relentlessly downbeat. Hell, on 'Soul Saviour,' the only words that Cassy bothers to use are "save," "my," and "soul." As anyone'll tell you, though, phrasing is everything. And because Cassy never bothers to give much of a hint either way, throughout the course of 'Soul Saviour' that three word refrain turns from question to plea to exaltation. Depending completely on your mood. Listen closely, however, and the backing track almost gives it away: things never reach much beyond a slow boil of rippling pools of bass and rounded synth stabs. Attention to detail is paramount here (because there's not a hell of a lot going on), making this a track ripe for the late night hours. 'More Policemen on the Beat,' despite its jazzy opening theme, isn't much of a pick-me-up. It reaches back to the old-school much like Thomas Melchior did so elegantly on The Meaning. An essential hint of funk is ever-present, making the track's plodding beat bearable in moments of doubt. That it ends up somewhere completely different from where it began should give you hope as well. Oh. See how she did that?
  • Tracklist
      A Soul Saviour B More Policemen On The Beat