Adam Beyer - China Girl

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  • Adam Beyer's hard-charging 'China Girl' is a thing of beauty. The sound design is impeccable, the bassline bounces back and forth like a hyperactive child, and there's even some blurring of the neatly composed melodies to make you believe that time and energy were put into their construction. There was both time and energy spent. And, obviously, well-spent. 'China Girl' is something of a hit because it fits neatly into the middle of any set that you could dream of; it serves as a perfect bridge from one highlight to another. When listening to the track on its own, though, the finished product lacks an identity. It's as if Beyer became so entranced with making the track perfect for one use that he forgot to look at the big picture and make it, you know, memorable. (I've listened to it nearly twenty times and still couldn't tell you what it sounds like an hour after each hearing.) There's a lovely B-side, 'Ask Yourself' here as well. It predictably suffers from the same issues. What was great on the dancefloor upon its release (and before), we won't be listening to this come…well…probably by around about now.
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      A China Girl B Ask Yourself