Szenario - Exszenaration EP

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  • Szenario, a.k.a. Ed Davenport, is starting to build up a quality portfolio. He's relatively underexposed at the moment but that won't last forever if this release is anything to go by. His latest record arrives on Leftroom, one of a number of up and coming UK techno labels currently flourishing in a country where, if we're really honest, the genre has never really been very popular outside a few choice enclaves. How much of this is down to global mp3 sales I don't know, but it's a fact that at this moment in time Ed is one of a number of UK-based artists involved in a scene which is enjoying a renaissance in the country of his birth. 'Pleaseasy' comes in two versions, but you'd be forgiven for thinking the Raudive remix was the only one, such has been the overwhelming gush of appreciation from almost all and sundry since promos were released into cyberspace. That's not to say it isn't excellent, but the Exszenaration remix weighs in heavily itself with both versions having enough individuality to make up a truly diverse playable package. The Raudive remix reminds me of a dancefloor-friendly Black Dog, built from noises that have a certain medieval charm and a beat that clicks along like a geiger counter that's been commandeered by a muezzin. If techno had been around during the crusades, it would surely have sounded like this. The Exszeneration remix is different and more dancefloor-friendly, laying down a serious groove backed by concave percussion. It's house with a capital H but edgy at the same time and all the more interesting for it. The kick mutates through different sounds but is constant throughout providing a solid foundation for other disparate elements to come in and out of the mix. The only real similarity between these tracks is their title. 'Demeaner Vcall' falls midway between the two previously mentioned tracks, but bears more resemblance to the Raudive remix and to my ears sounds like an outtake. This isn't an attempt to dismiss it though, as it possesses a life of its own, built on the harmonies of the former and spiralling keys of the latter. A package full of variety, sophistication, and in the case of the Exszenaration remix, syncopation. Not a duff moment on it and that's how it should be. Leftroom and Ed Davenport have produced something that should be hanging around in boxes for a good few months.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pleaseasy (Exszenaration remix) A2 Demeaner Vcall B1 Pleaseasy (Raudive remix)