ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness

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  • Electroclash survivors Tiga and Zombie Nation have outlived the circa-2000 genre epitomised by their biggest hits ‘Sunglasses at Night’ and ‘Kernkraft 400’. They’ve both moved in more serious, ‘artist’ directions, but this co-production as ZZT for Turbo shows they still know what moves the world’s hippest dancefloors: and right now, that’s maximal. ‘Lower State of Consciousness’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Essentially an update of Josh Wink’s ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ for the new rave generation, this is 21st Century tweakin’ acid funk. Not acid as in smiley faces and glow sticks, but as in the chemical compound: aggressive, corrosive stuff that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. It's akin to the most ear-splitting moments of a Digitalism or Boys Noize track extended over five long minutes. ‘Lower State…’ would be an effective DJ tool for whipping dancefloors into a foaming frenzy, if only it weren’t so slooow. Tiga had to crank it up from its original 120bpm to techno tempo to showcase it at this year’s Sonar Festival, which should have sent him back to the studio for a rethink, and maybe a remix. On the flip, Justice inject some much needed light and dark into the track. They chop up the noise, throw it over borderline ‘Billie Jean’ drums, introduce some filters and stop-start dynamics, and turn out a cheeky slice of dirty funk. Still, it doesn’t compare to anything the Parisian princes of maximal have produced in their own right. Now that ZZT have proved they still have their fingers on the pulse, perhaps they can leave the new rave anthems to the kids.
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      A Lower State of Consciousness (Original Munich Version) B Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix)