Raudive - Zeitgeist E.P

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  • Oliver Ho has been making dance music with an experimental bent for over ten years now. He started out making harder techno, with doses of tribal, house and dark abstract noise sprinkled in between, but his new Raudive moniker focuses more on the minimal side of the dancefloor. Most recently, Raudive has caught a bit of attention with his excellent remix of Szenario’s 'Pleaseasy'. The title track 'Zeitgeist' is a hypnotic monster made for the dancefloor. Effective in its simplicity, it revolves around three main components: a massive resonating bass which will rattle your insides, shaking percussion, and sinister and darkly manic bleeps. 'Zeitgeist” is huge in its own right, but it would also work extremely well building into the climactic parts of any set. The two mixes of 'Needles' on the B side are really good tunes, too, but where the simplicity of 'Zeitgeist' works a treat and overwhelms you, these two ultimately seem a bit repetitive and don’t quite boil over. Dark, twisted with manic synth sounds, piano chords and disturbing vocals to boot, to say they create atmosphere is an understatement. Steve Bug’s use of hi-hats on his mix gives it a more funky groove, while the Head mix is a bit more acid-driven, pensive and edgy. Neither mix will rock the dance floor, but may work during the more introspective calmer moments of a set. Oh, and the baby sample is just plain creepy. Raudive has been going from strength to strength recently. 'Needles' really does deserve its place as only a B side, but it is 'Zeitgeist' which makes the E.P. Upon first listen it seems wholly understated, yet somehow it works a treat. Highly recommended.
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      A Zeitgeist B1 Needle (Steve Bug Remix) B2 Needle (Head Mix)