Pure Science - Fabric 05

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  • Phill Sebastiane, better known as Pure Science, is the man charged with the responsibility of continuing the success of the Fabric cd series. Due to the high quality of many of the Fabric mixes, the expectation of each release reaches fever pitch, and as such a few of the mixes of late have fell a little short of expectations. Does this one fall short, well yes and no. The mix comprises of 13 productions from Pure Science all mixed nicely and smoothly into a 74-minute package. “Time 2 Bump!” is the nicely executed opening tune with its smooth strings and subtle funky baseline to match. “Don’t Hide” is another highlight with its sampled vocals over an organ like melody, and a trademark Fabric house sound. “The Mind In Rhythm” is another track that effectively uses subtle vocal samples over a more tribal ridden drum loop while “Bompazee” uses a more bouncy baseline to grab your attention. “It Is Innit” is a quirkier production due to its swirling percussions and “Our Universe” concludes the mix with a heavier kick accompanied with some well executed and delicate synths. There is no denying that Pure Science is a very talented producer. From this mix alone it is clear to see just that. As such there are high quality tracks that individually stand up well. As a mix though some might say it lacks real depth and variety. For me this is a mix that just misses the strike zone, however in saying that, I can easily see this appealing to many people. Pure Science has demonstrated some talent here, a fact that should be taken into notice when you visit a record store in the near future.