Stimming - Funkworm

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  • There are two great things about Stimming's debut 12" for Diynamic. One, it continues the label's streak of beautiful orchestrations: B-side 'Getting Out of Something' solidifies the imprint as home to tech with a symphonic bent. The track revels in the same counterpoint that made 'Feuervogel' and 'Eiszauber' a double-sided monster earlier this year. The second? 'Funkworm' unequivocally proves that Stimming's got more than just string shtick in his arsenal. It comes on exactly in the manner it claims, with a funky earworm of a guitar riff. In any other circumstances, we'd call this thing "dirty," but Stimming's inclination is toward clean sheets and a clear conscience. As such, the riff gets surrounded by a chiming synth and a brass section relegated to one note at a time. Like the most deadly of earworms, it may take a few times to properly hit, but once it does... Oh. There's one more track, by the way. 'Liberaos' takes a cue from Dandy Jack, giving a Spanish-accented woman room to vibe on the electric bounce in between bouts of light Latin percussion and a two note stab of melody. Listening to it in isolation would give you the impression that it's memorable enough to sit as the lead track, but here it's relegated to second shift. That's a good thing, by the way. Or, rather, a great thing.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Funkworm A2 Liberaos B Getting Out Of Something