Chymera - Valarian

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  • Did you mean: 'Valerian'? Chymera's newest 12" is spelled incorrectly on the vinyl – and on Beatport. 'Valerian,' as Chymera claims the track should be called on his MySpace page, takes more than just an accidental anonymity from Detroit, though. It's a wholesale lift of Underground Resistance's lighter edged sound. 'Valarian' has the same type of epic feel as the vaunted 'Jaguar' – a spry melody that you'll swear you've heard before, huge washes of emotive chords springing up to dominate the track and a drum pattern that does its best to simply stay out of the way. It's a formula, plain and simple. A formula that'll make you scream on the dancefloor for more. Triangle label head Orlando Voorn is no stranger to Detroit techno. Voorn recently left the Submerge family after working closely in the city with Mike Banks, Ade Mainor and the label group since 2003. His remix on the B-side is a salsafied take on 'Valarian,' pulling the percussion and a subtly altered bass up to the front of the mix for much of its length. Rip, tribute, faded facsimile, invigorating revival: whatever you choose to label Chymera's 'Valarian' hardly matters. There's no doubt that it's going to be ending a set near you soon, so you might as well give in to its enormous charm sooner rather than later.
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      A Chymera - Valarian B Chymera - Valarian (Orlando Voorn Remix)
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