Swayzak - Smile and Receive

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  • Count on Swayzak to do it their own way. The duo of James Taylor and David Brown follow up their newest full-length, Some Other Country, by putting out a teaser single two weeks after its release. Label issues? Band strife? Remixers missing deadlines? Pressing plant issues? It hardly matters. 'Smile and Receive' is one of Some Other Country's finest moments and remixers are hot commodities, virtually guaranteeing that this thing will sell itself. The 12" begins with Apparat mining well-worn, yet still fertile, territory. Those familiar with Orchestra of Bubbles or even his solo breakthrough, Walls, will know exactly what to expect: the vocals are gleefully chopped, matching the strobe stabs of melody, all undergirded by his patented breakbeat rhythms. It's followed by the moody original, which has enough space to allow Cassy (of Panorama Bar 01 fame) to relate her sad tale unfettered by much more than a chattering hi-hat and a propulsive bass line. Frequent Swayzak collaborator Richard Davis steps up on the B-side for a "rework." He gives 'Smile and Receive' a bliss pop sheen, making the whole thing sound a bit like Ulrich Schnauss' lurid pop fantasies, while Cassy finishes the single off by isolating one line of her vocal ("I'm on my own"), thusly transforming it into the saddest minimal track you'll hear all year.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Smile And Receive (Apparat Remix) A2 Smile And Receive (Original) B1 Smile And Receive (Richard Davis Rework) B2 Smile And Receive (Cassy Beatmix)