Nathan Fake - You Are Here

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  • Nathan Fake returns to Border Community to deliver yet another set of remixes of material culled from his 2006 LP 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love'. This time out, Fake has chosen the track “You Are Here” for the remix treatment, and the results are patchy at best. Approximating the heavy-handed grandiosity of M83’s awkward marriage of shoegaze and synth pop and featuring the sort of quiet/loud dynamic that one might expect to find on a Mogwai album, 'You Are Here' is hardly material for the dancefloor. Somehow though, Four Tet – a producer not exactly known for the quality of his remixes – manages to rein in the beat, transforming the mix into a wide-eyed shuffler that is both surprisingly propulsive and unexpectedly excellent. Fake’s own 'Live Remix' attempts to imbue the track with the energy of his techier productions, grafting a dirty beat to the original’s bubbling electronics and chopping the melody to bits. Unfortunately, it never quite seems to gel and fizzles out disappointingly near the seven-minute mark. Thankfully, his Live Remix of 'Stops,' another track taken from 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love,' is more successful. Featuring a cloud of chirping tones and sliced accordion samples floating atop a funky kick pattern, the mix brings to mind a toned down version of Samim’s 'Heater' if heard at the right moment. Alas, it’s too little too late, leaving this EP feeling like a mere stopgap while we wait for Fake to start churning out those dancefloor monsters again.
  • Tracklist
      1. You Are Here 2. You Are Here (Four Tet Remix) 3. You Are Here (Live Remix) 4. Stops (Live Remix) 5. Casio Triangle Through A Granular Synth