2562 - Kameleon/Channel One

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  • It seems that the epicentre of dubstep may be being wrestled away from its traditional enclaves of South London and England’s South West, even if the majority of the labels based in these zones still hold sway. Dutch producer 2562 follows up his first single for Bristol label Tectonic by proceeding down the same techno/dubstep path that he and fellow countryman Martyn seem to be re-defining with ease. Here again are two masterful tracks brimming with percussive ripples and forceful Teutonic textures ripped out of the dub techno tool kit. The single comes across as an almost perfect fusion of Shackleton and Maurizio, and thus rides on the same wave as 2562’s debut single ‘Channel Two’. Opener ‘Kameleon’ is more on the Shackleton side of things, retaining something of an ethnic or tribal edge, despite the ramped up pace. It bursts to life in a panic of overlapping percussive inflections and nervous dub sheens that give it a sense of drama. 'Channel One' is more mellow, a little longer and, by contrast, a little more dub-infused in the Maurizio sense. The squirts of bass fill the spaces in a less complicated percussive sound, but there is a still a sense of energy and poise in the impatient snares floating down in the mix, while the synth washes above chase their own shadows, leaving you with a more late night feeling. Sublime and inventive.
  • Tracklist
      A Kameleon B Channel One