Klovn - McKlaren

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  • Reykjavik’s Pineapple Records have broken with tradition to release their first 12” by a non-Icelandic artist, in this case, a track by Danish duo Krede & Buda under their Klovn moniker. Indeed, apart from a few isolated remixes, this counts as the duo's first single proper. I don't know if that name translates as 'Clown' or not, but it wouldn't surprise me, as their otherwise cracker ambient dub techno track is subtly, and I mean subtly, tainted by the inclusion of an unnecessary farty noise. You cant really ignore it, but lurking beneath it you can find plenty of substance in the heavy bass pads, echo drenched percussion and lush metallic waves rising and phasing from the murky depths. A smooth, slow burner with a heavy menace and a nice sensuality. And a farty noise. Thankfully Minilogue are having none of it, ditching the whoopee cushion, and their remix is simply sensational. At just under ten minutes long, it is worth the price of entry alone. The duo from Malmö take all the best of the bottom end, so to speak, and let it jostle with itself to create a flickering tension that opens the track. The 4/4 bass drum is only allowed to kick in after more than a minute and the snares at nearly four, accompanied by some drifting tribal percussion that takes the track onward and upwards on a progressive dub house journey. Masterful. Keeping things in Scandinavia at least, the last remix is from fellow Dane Trentemøller, who returns to the more downbeat edge of the original yet plays more with melodic elements built over the probing bass. The outcome is like a classic IDM track in the vein of Warp or Rehplex, especially when some warping effects are attempted, but only to mixed success. Minilogue saves the day here. Apart from the tiniest of errors, this is a great single.
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      A McKlaren (original) B1 McKlaren (Minilogue remix) B2 McKlaren (Trentemøller remix)