Seth Troxler - Rave Loot

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  • Dwelling in the well-worn minimal realm staked out by labels such as M_nus, Seth Troxler has emerged from Detroit with a fresh approach to the minimal template, infusing it with an old-school Motor City vibe that brings some palpable soul into the machine. On the A-side, Lee Curtiss’ take on Troxler's ‘Crosson Likes Poo' is a seriously deep slice of minimal techno. The spaciousness of the original lends itself perfectly to Curtiss’ claustrophobic production. As the kick drum rises in the mix, the rest of the track’s constituent parts are reduced to a mass of clicking tones and percussive patterns, everything shaded over with frozen reverb. Curtiss’ version may play out as icy techno adapted to polar climes and dank club environs, but Troxler’s original features a sprightly beat and swells of glistening echo more suited to neon lights. It’s a far less intimidating beast to be sure, but it’s by no means any less effective, although it’s ‘Barbaro’s Stride’ on the flip that really raises an eyebrow. Wafting in on a few strands of warm ambience, the track settles into a stylish groove adorned by lush pads and tasteful sound design that adds a touch of depth to the mix. Just as things seem to be settling into a classic nocturnal Detroit groove, Troxler brings in a ridiculously sleazy bassline and breaks the whole thing down only to build it back up into a dominating dance floor engine. Topped off with a warped vocal sample that brings to mind a sexed up version of Villalobos’ remix of 'Blood On My Hands', this is prime music for the late night stretch. ‘Rave Loot’ is more proof that Troxler is a young producer to watch, and with alliances being formed with Spectral Sound and a host of other labels, let’s hope the follow-up lives up to the expectation.
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      A1 Crosson Likes Poo (Lee Curtiss Likes It Too Remix) A2 Crosson Likes Poo B1 Barbaro’s Stride