Supermayer - Two of Us

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  • Supermayer is Kompakt label honcho Michael Mayer and DJ/producer Superpitcher’s bid to burst out of the confines of the label’s beautifully constructed brand and its evocation of the sparse, clicking hegemony of European techno. Their album ‘Save The World’, due out mid September, careens from kitsch cocktail electronica to swinging beats and funk basslines, all whilst maintaining the Cologne label’s trademarked restraint. As an opening salvo though, ‘Two Of Us’ is the album’s unmitigated club banger, one to reassure the faithful with its industrial clatter and filmic proportions. Even here though, just as you’re sensing familiar techno territory, they introduce an eerie glockenspiel motif more Freddy Kruger than Fabric. It brings a wonderfully light touch to the heaviest track the duo have yet put their name to and elevates this release alongside the best tracks from their forthcoming album, all of which confound expectations with unusual textural shifts. On the flip, who better to re-imagine Supermayer’s genre agnostic approach to dance music than the fidgeting imagination of Kompakt label mate, Geiger. His version twists and turns with the impatience of an ADD sufferer. Out of a dubby electro structure he pastes in a swollen crescendo with all the intensity of the original beautifully intact. Superpitcher brings club dynamics to Mayer’s deft control of texture and the pair of them may be just the men to graft new, more organic sounds onto the over-familiar minimal framework and find something new within. The album will tell but for now, this hints at enough of that promise to whet the appetite of most comers.
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      A Two Of Us B1 Two Of Us (Geiger Mix) B2 Two Of Us (Glock-A-Pella)