Gel Abril - Very Wrong

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  • Shlomi Aber's fledgling label Be As One has been pretty good so far. His mission with the label is to showcase local talent, and with all the great artists emerging out of Israel lately, it's a winning strategy. 'Very Wrong' is the debut solo release from one of Aber's finds, Gel Abril. His original starts strongly with a tight groove before launching into a frantic arpeggiated melody. The serrated sharpness lashed with real tenseness is a refreshing change to the droning techno around at the moment, and makes for a fascinating and emotive record. For his remix, Chaim takes a cut from the original melody and remolds it into an irresistible jilted groove. It definitely has club smash written all over it, and with its creative flute interludes, it has enough warmth for the housers, and enough Audion-esque quirkiness to keep the techno-lovers satisfied. Patrick Zigon, on the other hand, strips everything to the bone. The tenseness of the original remains, but it's melded with a softer backdrop of muted drums and spacious effects. A well produced and textured affair, some may see this as the obligatory minimal mix for the masses, but those that swing that way will still find it useful. The variance of this release keeps Be As One dodging the pigeonholes like all respected labels do. DJs such as Kiki, Tresher, and Mazi are all over the Chaim remix, but discounting the other mixes will be doing yourself a disservice.
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      A Very Wrong (Original Mix) B1 Very Wrong (Chaim Mix) B2 Very Wrong (Patrick Zigon Mix)