Samim - Heater

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  • This is the one with the accordion in it. It's number one on Beatport, it's being played at every party you go to, and it's causing a bit of a stink because accordions are not exactly techno, are they? My feelings on accordions: It's also got a man making monkey noises on it, and it's really catchy, which means that now that everyone is playing it, it's going to start annoying the shit out of people very, very soon. A bit like 'Geht's Noch?' or 'Erotic Discourse' did. If you're a DJ, you've got a window of opportunity of maybe one more month to play this. After that, you'll probably get things thrown at you. But to be fair, I promised I wouldn't write this review until I'd heard 'Heater' out. Unfortunately, I got my chance in Berlin, where the track had the awkward effect of making all the white people in the room suddenly dance whiter. Club Weekend turned into an old worlde barn dance, with woodcutters jigging with milkmaids for six minutes. Not good. On the B-side is a remix from Claude VonStroke, which removes the rubber band counterpoint from the original and replaces it with...another accordion. And two accordions is worse than one, right? There's also another track on the 12", 'Ultraviolet', which is just a practice jam thing that sounds a bit unfinished. Overall, 'Heater' is a fun little listen, but dancing to it makes you feel like an idiot.
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      A Heater B1 Heater (Claude VonStroke Remix) B2 Ultraviolet