Rekleiner - Los Caminos EP

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  • Apart from their metrosexual posturing and gelled up coifs, there's not much wrong with Audiofly. Dark and moody with a hint of playfulness, their productions are a dependable friend to DJs and a dancefloor lure to clubbers. This UK studio duo also loves a collab, especially as Rekleiner, their team-up with Mulletover man Geddes. The A-side here is an irresistible sub bass houser. With its kidney-shaking bassline and precariously balanced flickerings of candle-flame melody dancing around the drums, 'Q Onda' is a winner, instantly conjuring up images of seedy backroom mischievousness. On the B, Rekliener get darker and more atmospheric. 'Dos Caminos' centres around heavily effected vocal snippets and wind-swept atmospherics, wisping around a thudding kick. It's a druggy, murky number, definitely lending itself to the afterhours crowd. This EP is reminiscent of the golden years of US tech house by the likes of Grant Dell, Mazi and Gourmet Records. Full of Audiofly's signature skittish synths but coupled with compact, uber-deep basslines, 'Los Caminos' is solid late night DJ fodder.
  • Tracklist
      A Q Onda B Dos Caminos