Matthias Heilbronn - The Jungle Dub EP

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  • It's fitting that coinciding with the current trend for all things deep, Matty Heilbronn, one time Francois K sparring partner at Body and Soul, makes a return (of sorts) on Steve Bug's imperious Poker Flat Recordings. This is the second release on Poker Flat White (which sounds like a low-carb version of the real thing), an offshoot which, I can only guess, seems to be pointing Poker Flat in a more unadulterated housey direction. 'Do It Right' is an atmospheric knees-up that rises and falls in all the right places. It is a great mixing track, achieving multiple climaxes along the way and keeping things interesting with a synth stabbing laid over the top of the driving bass. This, along with the twisted voice samples, create a claustraphobic environment that Joseph Conrad would have been proud of. 'Jungle In The City' does likewise. But let's be honest: these two tracks were recorded at the same session, with only slightly tweaks giving them their respective identities. 'Jungle In The City' is the moodier of the two, and also the more stripped down. He's been here before has Matty, notably with 'Arriba, Abajo!' on Wave Music, a few years back. The New York air must have something in it that makes you want to dream of exploring far away places in mysterious circumstances. Personally I blame King Kong and Cab Calloway, but there's a trend for this which is starting to emerge, Solomun's 'Jungle River Cruise' being another current example. Matty pulls it off here, but I would have been happier with a little more variety.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Do It Right (Matty's PFR Mix) B1 Jungle In The City (Matty's Paradox Mix)