Phonique - Good Idea (DJ Edition)

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  • Phonique's background is in house, but he first came to prominence in 2004 via the huge electro-tinged Tiefschwarz remix of his track 'The Red Dress'. Since then his original productions and remixes have straddled the line between credibility and accessibility, nowhere more so than on his second album 'Good Idea'. However, this is not really a review of that album. This 'DJ Edition' is the unmixed vinyl version of a bonus mix that came with the original CD of 'Good Idea'. The tracklist features Phonique collaborations with some of the underground's current heavy hitters, although exactly what input they've had is a bit nebulous. Having said that, 'House' featuring Steve Bug isn't far from what you'd expect, wrapping a minimal groove around a spoken repetition of that all-important 'h' word. 'Bang' is an equally accomplished affair with a slowed-down gallop presiding over an off-key climbing synth line. 'Stockholm' featuring Zoo Brazil is a studious excursion into acid house and as such works very well, while 'Inside' featuring Ilija Rudman ventures into classic disco territory. There is something to accommodate most palates here. The Gui Boratto contribution is more understated, a piece of end of the night atmospherics that carries a hint of threat, while 'Rameau' is a synchronised series of pops and squelches over a symphonic backdrop which moves along nicely. 'Anders' has to be a Trentemoller tribute, with its feel so obviously influenced by the Dane's (earlier) sound, while 'Thursday Nights' featuring Vincenzo closes the collection in fitting style, again harkening back to disco's halcyon days, this time with added tribalism and post-modern electronics. I'm polishing my mirror ball as I write (difficult as it may sound). It's a cliche, but this small, perfectly formed collection of dancefloor gems covers most of the bases and, while not being particularly remarkable, it more than justifies it's creator's faith in its release. A proficient set of multi-faceted tools for the thoughtful DJ.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Bang A2 House feat. Steve Bug B1 Stockholm feat. Zoo Brazil B2 Inside feat. Ilija Rudman C1 Space Cruise feat. Gui Boratto C2 Rameau D1 Anders D2 Thursday Nights feat. Vincenzo