Skream - Sub Island/Pass the Red Stripe

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  • Soul Jazz celebrate the success of their ‘Box of Dub’ compilation with the release of a limited edition, heavy-vinyl 12” from Skream, dubstep's most celebrated prodigy. The EP is just two tracks, but it's a good yardstick of Skream’s abilities. Covering his more mature side as well as the playfulness found on some of his album tracks, it's a record that suggests that all of Skream's successes haven’t yet taken away from his youthful joy and creativity. The A-side is the better of Skream’s two tracks from 'Box of Dub'. ‘Sub Island’ is a brooding and cinematic piece of sci-fi dub that opens with forlorn stabs that echo out into ambient space in all directions. The sandy flashes of anxious rhythm, phased hi-hats and dramatic fades all add up to a perfect party track that is signature Skream. On the B, ‘Pass the Red Stripe’ is a lighthearted tribute to the favourite beer of Jamaica, and by proxy, England. Brasher and less engaging than 'Sub Island', it's a solid track nonetheless, build on magic show special effects, a simple horn riff and later a comic fat man bass. Carnivalesque and brimming with character, 'Pass the Red Stripe' is the sound of cheap drunken mayhem. More nice work from the master.
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      A Sub Island AA Pass The Red Stripe